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Solvent extraction of platinum using amine based extractants .

Platinum is one of the platinum group metals that are found in nature in small quantities along with other metals in various ores. In order to meet its increasing demand it is necessary to harvest platinum by processing and recycling secondary materials that have been generated due to their end-of-service life.

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The traditional method for recovering platinum-group metals Pt Pa Ir Os Rh Ru and Au is not economically viable in the case of low-grade deposits but researchers from the Western Australian School of Mines Curtin University Perth; www.curtin.edu.au and the Dept. of Processing Engineering Stellenbosch University Matieland South Africa; www.sun.ac.za may have found a cost .

US5997719A - Electrochemical process for refining platinum .

A process for purifying and refining platinum group metals such as platinum iridium palladium rhodium and the like by an electrochemical process using ammonium chloride as the electrolyte to form ammonium chloride platinum group salts as a "slime" followed by the use of ammonia hydroxide to dissolve and separate said salts from other materials in the slime.

Extraction and Refining of the Platinum Metals Johnson .

The complete process of extraction consists essentially of enriching this matte to approximately 65 per cent content of platinum metals and then treating this concentrate with acids to separate the individual platinum group metals from each other followed by final refining. Operations to achieve this can roughly be divided under three headings:

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Extraction and refining The separation chemistry of the platinum-group metals is among the most complex and challenging of metal separations. A brief description of procedures for isolating the platinum-group metals is set forth below followed by descriptions of assaying and scrap-refining techniques.

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The purity of palladium in the strip solution is about 99% main impurities are silver and platinum. The process is very effective in the rejection of non-precious metals. platinum iridium solvent extraction Similar like palladium platinum and iridium are separated from the raffinate of the palladium extraction.

Method for extraction and separation of platinum and rhodium .

The technical result is achieved in that in the method of extraction and separation of platinum and rhodium in sulfate solutions including translation of the platinum metals in activearray form sorption on strong-base anion exchange resin new is that pre-freshly prepared and aged for three months sulfate solutions of platinum and rhodium is .

Understanding the Process of Platinum Casting - Ganoksin .

But platinum casting is different from gold or silver casting and insufficient preparation and understanding of the process can still lead to many hours of frustration. Success depends on having good functional equipment and process control and learning all you can about the process before you cast your first flask.

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Extracting Platinum from these ores is arguably one of the most capital and labour intensive operations in the world. On average it takes up to six months and up to 12 tonnes of ore to produce an industry standard troy ounce which is 31.135 grams of pure metal.

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The complex process for refining platinum. Image from UNCTAD. A platinum flotation circuit. In a process called flotation separation air bubbles are blown through the mixture and carry platinum particles to the surface of the bath. The platinum-rich froth is skimmed from the bath and allowed to dry into a concentrated powder.

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Extraction of Platinum Group Metals IntechOpen. Oct 02 2017 Platinum group metals PGMs are a group of six elements namely iridium Ir osmium Os platinum Pt palladium Pd rhodium Rh and ruthenium Ru 1 2 .PGMs together with gold and silver are classified as noble or precious metals because of their high corrosion and oxidation resistance 1 2 3 .The world’s reserves of .

Extraction and Refining of the Platinum Metals

The complete process of extraction consists essentially of enriching this matte to approximately 65 per cent content of platinum metals and then treating this concentrate with acids to separate the individual platinum group metals from each other followed by final refining.

Extraction agent for palladium and platinum and process of .

A process as claimed in Claim 2 wherein the palladium and/or platinum extracted into the extraction solvent is back-extracted into an aqueous solution selected from the group consisting of aqueous ammonia a thiourea aqueous solution and an ammonium thiocyanate aqueous solution to obtain the aqueous solution containing the palladium and/or .

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The refining process undergoes a series of dissolution and precipitation stages or total leaching techniques. The solvent extraction process helps to separate the subsequent metals individually.


Platinum extraction uses and environmental impacts. A seminar presented to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

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Because platinum is so rare it must be extracted after being mined through a process that involves crushing it into incredibly small particles and separating these particles from one another. This is known as the flotation separation method and produces a frothy layer of particles that can be skimmed to provide the extracted platinum.

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Liddell KS Adams MD 2012 Kell hydrometallurgical process for extraction of platinum group metals and base metals from fl otation concentrates. J South Afr Inst Min Metall 112

US4685963A - Process for the extraction of platinum group .

A process for separating platinum group metals PGM& 39;s from various feedstock materials is disclosed wherein a plasma arc flame is employed to produce a superheated puddle on the surface of a slag layer to accelerate the association of platinum group metals with a collector material and formation of a recoverable layer of platinum group metals and collector material.

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About 80% of the worlds’ reserves for platinum group metals PGMs are in South Africa’s Bushveld Igneous Complex. Processing of PGM involves comminution flotation smelting converting base metals refinery and precious metals refinery.

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Platinum primary occurrence is with other metal ores associated with basic igneous rocks. Platinum nuggets occur naturally as the uncombined metal as does an alloy of platinum-iridium. Three-quarters of the world& 39;s platinum comes from South Africa where it occurs as cooperite while Russia is the second largest produced followed by North .

Platinum Refining Process

Platinum scrap such as platinum coins palladium PD and platinum wire is weighed and then smelted. As the platinum scrap liquefies in the furnace or melts under a blowtorch flux is mixed in to separate the pure platinum from other precious and non-precious metals. A sample is removed for assaying which is the process of measuring the platinum .

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How is platinum extracted from its ore. Answer: Platinum is rarely found on its own but in combination with other base and precious metals.Extraction of the pure metal from ores is a complex process …

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